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Terracotta can be downloaded from the Terracotta website under the download section.

Servoy integrates with the Open Source edition of Terracotta and is tested against the "Terracotta 3.7.0 (including Ehcache 2.6.0 and Quartz 2.1.6)" release. The integration should remain functional when new versions of Terracotta become available, as long as tim-api.jar remains 1.3.0 compatible.

The following link is a direct link to the download of the "Terracotta 3.7.0 (including Ehcache 2.6.0 and Quartz 2.1.6)" cross platform binary: Click here

Terracotta versions

Terracotta 3.5.0 introduced a bug that prevented it from working with Servoy. That bug was fixed in Terracotta 3.7.0.
So please use Terracotta 3.7.0 or later. If you need older versions try Terracotta 3.1.1 - 3.4.1.

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  1. Anonymous

    Is the newest version of Terracotta (3.5 as of today) 1.10 compatible? The company doesn't provide binary downloads of previous versions on their site (, and I would much prefer to get the prebuilt version rather than checking out the source and building myself.

  2. The API version is still compatible up to latest (3.6.1). The problem however is that starting with 3.5.0 there is a bug in terracotta that makes it not work with Servoy. A bug report is created in terracotta's support system.

    So I suggest you try it out with 3.4.1. They do not provide binary builds of older versions usually, but you can find sometimes links that remained behind. And they seem to be similar to the one that downloads the latest open source binary. For example this page (while it's still there) provides a binary download for an older version.