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On the bottom of the Form Editor are Form Editor Tabs. The Design tab is the default development tab. The next three tabs allow users to set specific properties for the form:


The Parts tab allows users to add optional form parts to a form. By default, a new form has the body part; and the following parts are also available:

  • Title Header
  • Header
  • Leading Grand Summary
  • Leading Subsummary
  • Trailing Subsummary
  • Trailing Grand Summary
  • Footer
  • Title Footer

The Parts tab also includes options to set group-by fields and part behavior options (see the SolutionModel API for details).

Tab Sequence

The Tab Sequence tab shows a list of available and selected elements for setting the tab sequence (order).

  • Items can be moved from one list to the other by highlighting the elements and clicking on the <<  or  >> buttons.
  • To set the tab sequence in the Selected elements list, highlight an item to move it up or down.

New elements can be added to the Selected elements list by selecting them and then clicking the Tab Sequence icon in the Actions Toolbar (see image below).


Security levels for user groups are set using the Security tab.

  • The left column lists the available user groups, and the right column lists the available elements and checkboxes to allow view and access of each element for the user group selected.
  • You can add/manage user groups via Solution Explorer > Resources > User and group security.
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