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During debugging, Servoy Developer logs the activities of the debug client in the following file:

It is also possible to show the logs of the debug client in the 'Debug console' using a log4j appender. (starting from 8.1)
For this, add the following lines to : 

log4j.appender.debugconsole.layout.ConversionPattern=%d %p [%t] %c - %m [%X{clientid} %X{solution}]%n

and make sure it is added to the root categories of log4j

log4j.rootCategory=WARN, file, configservlet, debugconsole

For Servoy >= 8.4

Newer Servoy versions (8.4 and after) use a log4j.xml file to configure logging instead of For more information see Server Log Settings.

An additional (external) console window providing more detailed information can be launched by Eclipse by adding '-consoleLog' to the top of the servoy.ini file (for Mac users, this file is exposed when you view the Servoy application package contents and browse to the MacOS folder.) This console is useful for getting additional feedback during debugging.

Besides this there is also a .log file in your workspace/.metadata dir. This logs eclipse related stuff

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