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Servoy 8.0 comes with a new client type the NGClient, which is a new web based client using latest technologies such as HTML5.

Within this client all form elements are webcomponents. We supply the default form element types as known from previous Servoy versions to get solution compatibility. While the intention always is to be as backwards compatible as possible, this turns out to not always be possible (technology wise), see NGClient Compatibility for more details.

It is possible to build and use your own webcomponents, basically its possible to construct any HTML interface imaginable from within the Servoy form designer utilizing webcomponents.

Client improvements

  • onDataChange/Validators can return text. Any return text will be interpreted as a false and the text will be used as error message in the UI. Also a field will no longer force a end-user back into field. Futher more the default  elements/webcomponents do use the angular CSS classes to indicate an input is invalid (see Validation UX), these classes can be mapped for example to a red background or colored border. 
  • Scrolling TableView/ListView/Portal is defaut behaviour in NGClient (as it was an option in WebClient)
  • Default elements style property does support multiple class names.
  • The NGClient does support blocking code while showing modal dialogs, similar to the SmartClient
  • SVY-5984 exceptions not wrapped anymore

Server improvements

  • Admin page does show script performance data along the lines of database performance data. SVY-6405

Developer improvements

  • Brand new WYSIWYG editor for NGClient solution forms, this editor does show data and forms on tabs 
  • Made hovering over variables in every stackframe in the callstack when debugging show the variable's value (instead of only on the current/last stackframe)
  • SVY-5620 Improved inspection options for Query Builder objects



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