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  • Post-Installation Modifications
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Post-installation modifications may be required, particularly the database connection properties for installations that used the Standard PostgreSQL Server or an existing database.

Also, instructions are provided below for increasing the amount of memory allocated to Servoy, which can enhance overall performance.

Modifying Database Connection Settings

Users can access the file found in the ../application_server/ folder (found in the root installation folder) to modify database connection settings.

  • This file contains the database connection settings that were created during installation. Any post-installation modifications can be made here.
  • If the full-featured PostgreSQL is installed, in order to use it with the sample database files, the sample database information needs to be entered manually in this file.

Servoy also provides additional database connection configuration via the Resources project while working on a solution. For details see Working with Database Servers.

Creating the Servoy Repository

The Servoy Repository, a set of tables in the database underlying the nameserver connection 'repository_server' is required to run Servoy. If the bundled PostgreSQL installation option is used, the repository is already installed. When using the full-featured PostgreSQL installation or when choosing to connect to an existing database, the repository will need to be manually installed.

This is achieved via the command line process that can also be used to upgrade the repository:

  1. Shut down the Servoy Application Server if it is running
  2. Open a command line or terminal window and execute the following command in the ../application_server/ directory:


./ -upgradeRepository


servoy_server.bat -upgradeRepository

Executing the above command starts the Servoy Application Server and will create or upgrade the table structure required for the Servoy Repository to the version that the Servoy Application Server requires.

Increase Memory Allocations

The startup configuration file can be modified to increase the memory allocated to Servoy, which can improve overall performance. 

  1. Open the ../developer/Servoy.ini file in a text editor. (For Mac users, this file is exposed in the MacOS folder, in the Servoy application package contents)
  2. Change the -Xmx argument, for example, from -Xmx512m to Xmx1024m.
  3. Restart Servoy to effect the changes.

Running Servoy Developer on a specific Java version under Windows

Edit [...]\developer\servoy.ini. Above the '-vmargs' line, add two lines, as shown below: (corresponding to the Java install that you want to use)

c:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_112\bin\javaw.exe