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If other developers want to start using a solution from the repository, they must first checkout the solution from the repository.  This process will bring the solution over to their local workspace and link it with the repository so that the developer can now send and receive changes to/from other developers.

Checkout a Solution

  1. Go to SVN Repository Exploring perspective. Find the SVN location you want to use and expand its node under the SVN Repositories tab. If you do not have a location, see Connecting to a SVN Repository.
  2. Expand the Trunk folder and right-click the svnExample solution and select Checkout... from the contextual popup menu.
  3. Use the default settings and click Finish. The project will be downloaded from the repository and assembled in the new workspace.
  4. Repeat the previous steps for the resources project.

    Best Practices

    If you are checking out into a workspace being used for other solutions, you most likely already have a project already named resources in it. Checking out a project with the same name will ask if you want to overwrite it. You want to use the SVN version with the current project, so you should overwrite it. 

    This is one reason it is best practice to have only one resource project per workspace. Any solutions (projects) using the same resource project can also be in the same workspace, such as the case with the main solution and any modules connected to it.

  5. Return to the Servoy Design perspective. Expanding the All Solutions node, right-click the new solution and select Activate Soution from the contextual popup. You should see the same solution with the same revision information as before.
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