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When utilizing SVN, there are a few options on repositories.

Build a Server

One option is to build your own SVN server. Many Linux installations will support a very lightweight SVN Server. For more information about building your own server, check out the following link.

Running your own server gives you complete control over the code repository, but it also means that you have to handle everything about the server, such as maintenance, backups, etc. Also, most installs are just the repository server and do not include other features that may be useful.

Use a Hosted Repository

Another option is to use a hosted service. These are repository server providers that will host the SVN repository on their equipment. Two options that include free trials or limited free options are:

You may not have complete control over your repository (these services really do not lock much out as far as accessing your code), but these services do offer additional features like project management, including integration with your repository. Example: With Unfuddle, you can resolve a problem ticket by properly entering the commit comment during the commit.

Subversion Edge

A newer option has become available recently that allows a development team to build their own feature-rich server very easily.

Collabnet's Subversion Edge is a certified software stack containing the latest versions of Subversion®, Apache, and ViewVC:

  • Single installation process. One click installation.
  • Pre configured so all the components work together out of the box.
  • Web-based console allows for a secure and powerful SVN environment, while promoting ease of use.

It allows a project manager, team leader, or development team to build a powerful SVN server system without all the hassle of installing and integrating all the components needed for a web based SVN server. It has other features, including LDAP integration and SSL support. Best of all, it is free and completely open source.

To get Subversion Edge:

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