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Solutions developed in Servoy and hosted on the Servoy Application Server are used through Servoy Clients.

Servoy has several types of clients:
Servoy Smart Client: A native application that runs on the users machine
Servoy Web Client: A browser based client, based on pure HTML and CSS (No browser plugins required)
Servoy Headless Client: A programmatic Java interface to the solution, to be used programatically expose and use both the business logic and datalayer defined in the solution
Servoy Batch Processor: A headless client that runs on the Servoy Application Server to perform tasks like batch processing, either periodically or when triggered by an external event.
Servoy Runtime Client: A standalone client, that operates independently of the Servoy Application Server

Servoy follows the paradigm 'Develop once, deploy everywhere'. Solutions developed in Servoy can be deployed to end-users using the Servoy Smart Client and/or Servoy Web Client and/or Servoy Runtime Client technology, without having to change a single line of code or compilation.

The same solutions that are delivered to end-users can, at the same time, also be used as Batch Processors for server side processing or in a Servoy Headless Client for exposing business logic through webservices or for integration with external systems.

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