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The Solutions node of the Servoy Admin page provides an overview of all available solutions.

It allows for new (versions of) solutions to be imported, remove entire solutions, activate specific versions of a solution and flush solutions.

Flushing a solution
The Flush button will flush a specified solution from the Servoy Application Server's memory. The server will not load that solution again - until it is requested again by a client.
Flushing a solution is required when the solution in the repository is modified in such a way that the Servoy Application Server is not aware of the changes. This is the case when the Servoy Application Server is started as Repository Server (see startRepositoryAsTeamProvider setting), allowing Servoy Developer to connect to the Servoy Application Server and update it.

A solution flush also forced Servoy Smart Clients to do a full download the next time they are started, regardless what might already be cached on the client machine.

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