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When a Servoy Application Server is started, the databases it is configured to connect to must be up and running. The Servoy Application Server startup scripts do NOT start the database. The administrator of the installation is to make sure that the databases are started BEFORE the Servoy Application Server is started.

How databases are to be started depends on the type of database used. As Servoy ships with PostgreSQL by default, the basics of starting a PostgreSQL database server are mentioned here. For other brands of databases, please refer to the database vendor's documentation.

Starting PostgreSQL Command Line

The code below is to be executed from within the {servoy_install}/application_server directory. Using the pg_ctl utility located in the ..\postgres_db\bin directory, the PostgreSQL database server located in the ../database directory ('-D database') is started. The '-l postgres_db\postgres_log.txt' option indicated the location of the logfile.

Starting PostgreSQL commandline
postgres_db/bin/pg_ctl start -D database -l postgres_db/postgres_log.txt

For more information on the options for starting PostgreSQL and details on how to automatically start PostgreSQL when the machine it runs on is started, please refer to the PostgreSQL documentation here.

The servoy_server.bat/.sh file that is used to start the Servoy Application Server contains a commented out PostgreSQL startup command to startup the bundled PostgreSQL database. This is commented out by default as in most deployment environments the starting of databases is taken care of separatly from starting Appliction Servers. Secondly, not all deployments use the bundled PostgreSQL database.

When the bundled PostgreSQL database is used, uncommenting the line will start the  PostgreSQL database automatically when the Servoy Application Server is started.

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