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Which Servoy versions are supported?

Servoy follows a quarterly release cycle and will have a version representing this like 2019.06 is the second release of this year (following 2019.03) where the first part is the year and the second part is the month where the final build is build in.

This quarterly is our "latest" stream and 2019.09 will supersede 2019.06. Besides this release cycle Servoy will also release a LTS release that is updated yearly and the YEAR.03 will be promoted to a a LTS release

So over the year there can be a few releases that have the version 2019.03.4 LTS, meaning this is the 4th release of the LTS stream build on top of the 2019.03 release.

License upgrades to new major (which will be going from 2019 to 2020) or minor versions are free of charge if the licenses are covered by annual subscription (and the subscription is paid for the period in which the Servoy version as released).

Current supported versions:

  • Servoy 2019.x
  • Servoy 7.x (there won't be a full public release anymore for Servoy 7, contact us for a pressing matter or if you need a patch)

When running an older version of Servoy, please consider upgrading.

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