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Pre Run Steps

  • Import the solutions for the sample Mobile CRM Sample which means importing servoy_sample_mobile and servoy_sample_mobile_service. These solutions are available as files in your install directory application_server/solutions/examples
  • In order to easily see changes in Mobile CRM Sample when synchronising from mobile, also import servoy_sample_crm and svyCore.

Steps to Run the Solution

  • Make servoy_sample_mobile the active solution
  • Export as mobile .war into /{servoyInstall}/application_server/server/webapps (via context menu on active solution)
  • Activate the solution servoy_sample_mobile_service
  • Open http://localhost:8080/servoy_sample_mobile/index.html in Google Chrome or FireFox. Internet Explorer is not supported at the moment.


After logging in with 'demo'/'demo' some company records are displayed. Navigate to contacts > contact and perform an edit/save.

Before performing a mobile 'sync' to push data back to the server, open http://localhost:8080/servoy-webclient/solutions/solution/servoy_sample_crm?nodebug=true in a new browser tab. Now when performing the 'sync' from the Mobile solution any new contact or edit show in Sample CRM.


  • In some situations it happens that the new WAR export from point 2 is not seen by server. In this case delete the .WAR and direcory servoy_sample_mobile from /{servoyInstall}/application_server/server/webapps and export the WAR again.
  • When testing the Mobile solution form another machine/device as where the Servoy Developer is running, the Server URL setting in the Mobile solution Export wizard should be set to an IP of the machine that runs Servoy Developer AND that can be accessed from the machine/device on which the Mobile solution will be run. By default the Server URL is set to, which refers to the local machine.



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