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It's possible to use any valid browser JavaScript API in Servoy mobile.

For example to show a default browser alert dialog, one can use:

alert('Hello World')

Using External JavaScript Libraries

With Servoy Mobile, 3rd party JavaScript plugins/libraries can be easily integrated in an app. Here are the steps to achieve this:

  • in Servoy Developer add all the jscss files of the 3rd party plugin as Media; all the jscss files from this folder will be added to the mobile page;
  • if the plugin requires static html content already on the page, this can be done by placing a bean on the form, that is actually an empty div, and setting its text property with the static (html) content;
  • another useful function that can be used when integrating 3rd party plugins is that from the mobile plugin:, used for retrieving the document markup id for the elements of a Servoy form and customizing them; which is then usable in calls like document.getElementById()
  • 3rd party plugins initialization code should be placed inside the form's onShow callback that is called after the page is displayed; for example:
function onShow(event)
 var options = {
 	drawOnly : true
 var api = $('.sigPad').signaturePad(options);

Full Example

This is a sample, its like a Fedex/UPS delivery app, that uses a JQuery based signature library to display a signature field: (checkout with SVN)

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