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JavaScript keywords
abstract, boolean, break, byte, case, catch, char, class, const, continue, debugger, default, delete, do, double, else, enum, export, extends, final, finally, float, for, function, goto, if, implements, import, in, instanceof, int, interface, long, native, new, package, private, protected, public, return, short, static, super, switch, synchronized, this, throw, throws, transient, try, typeof, var, void, volatile, while, with

Servoy keywords
ALIGNMENT ANCHOR APPLICATION_TYPES application Button (instance) COLUMNTYPE CURSOR Calendar (instance) CheckBox (instance) Combobox (instance) DEFAULTS DISPLAYTYPE DRAGNDROP DataException databaseManager ELEMENT_TYPES FORMSECURITY Form (instance) forms globals history Image (instance) JOINTYPE JSButton JSColumn JSComponent JSDataSet JSEvent JSField JSForm JSFoundSetUpdater JSFoundset JSLabel JSMedia JSMethod JSPart JSPortal JSRecord JSRelation JSRelationItem JSServer JSStyle JSTab JSTabPanel JSTable JSTableObject jsunit JSValueList JSVariable LOGGINGLEVEL Label (instance) MEDIAOPTION PARTS PRINTSLIDING Password (instance) Portal (instance) RTF Area, HTML Area (instance) RadioButton (instance) Rectangle (instance) SCROLLBAR security ServoyException solutionModel SplitPane (instance) TABLESECURITY TabPanel (instance) TextArea (instance) TextField (instance) UICONSTANTS UUID utils VALUELIST VARIABLETYPE VIEW WEBCONSTANTS controller elements i18n Bean Field Form Label, Button, Image Media Method Part Portal Rectangle Relation RelationItem Solution Tab TabPanel ValueList Variable AmortizationCalculation Attachment CheckBox Cookie JSClient JSClientInformation JSFile JSImage JSMenuItem JSPacket MailMessage Menu MenuBar MenuItem PDF Forms Plugins Polynomial Popup Poster RESTful Web Services RadioButton ToolBar XmlNode plugins.XmlReader plugins.agent plugins.amortization plugins.dialogs plugins.excelxport plugins.file plugins.headlessclient plugins.http plugins.images plugins.mail plugins.maintenance plugins.pdf_output plugins.rawSQL plugins.scheduler plugins.serialize plugins.spellcheck plugins.textxport plugins.udp plugins.window Array Boolean Date JS Lib Math Namespace Number Object QName RegExp Special Operators Statements String XML XMLList

database keywords
_super, abs, absolute, abstract, action, active, add, admin, after, all, allmethods, allnames, allocate, allrelations, allvariables, alter, and, any, application, are, arguments, array, as, asc, ascending, assertion, at, authorization, auto, avg, backup, base_name, before, begin, between, bigint, binary, bit, bit_length, blob, boolean, both, bottom, break, by, byte, cache, cached, call, capability, cascade, cascaded, case, cast, catalog, catch, char, char_convert, char_length, character, character_length, check, check_point_length, checkpoint, class, close, coalesce, cobol, collate, collation, column, comment, commit, compressed, computed, conditional, connect, connection, connection_id, const, constant, constraint, constraints, containing, contains, continue, controller, convert, corresponding, count, create, cross, cstring, cube, current, currentRecordIndex, current_connection, current_date, current_role, current_time, current_timestamp, current_transaction, current_user, currentcontroller, currentform, cursor, database, databaseManager, date, datetime, day, dbspace, deallocate, debug, debugger, dec, decimal, declare, default, deferrable, deferred, delete, deleting, desc, descending, describe, descriptor, diagnostics, disconnect, distinct, do, domain, domains, double, drop, dynamic, elements, else, elseif, encrypted, end, end-exec, endif, entry_point, enum, escape, except, exception, exec, execute, existing, exists, exit, export, extends, external, externlogin, extract, false, fetch, file, filter, final, finally, first, float, for, foreign, form, forms, fortran, forward, found, foundset, free_it, from, full, function, gdscode, gen_id, generator, get, global, globals, go, goto, grant, group, group_commit_wait_time, having, history, holdlock, hour, identified, identity, if, ignore, immediate, implements, import, in, inactive, index, indicator, initially, inner, inout, input, input_type, insensitive, insert, inserting, install, instanceof, instead, int, integer, integrated, interface, intersect, interval, into, iq, is, isolation, join, jsunit, key, language, last, leading, leave, left, length, level, like, limit, load, local, lock, log_buffer_size, logfile, login, long, longvarbinary, longvarchar, lower, manual, match, math, max, maximum_segment, membership, merge, message, min, minute, mode, model, modify, module, module_name, month, names, national, native, natural, nchar, new, next, no, noholdlock, not, notify, null, nullif, nulls, num_log_buffers, number, numeric, object, octet_length, of, off, on, only, open, option, options, or, order, other, others, out, outer, output, output_type, over, overflow, overlaps, package, pad, page, page_size, pages, parameter, partial, pascal, passthrough, password, percent, pl1, plan, plugins, position, post_event, precision, prepare, preserve, primary, print, prior, private, privileges, proc, procedure, protected, public, publication, raiserror, raw_partitions, rdb$db_key, read, readtext, real, recordIndex, record_version, recreate, reference, references, relative, release, remote, remove, rename, reorganize, reserv, reserving, resource, restore, restrict, retain, return, returning_values, returns, revoke, right, role, rollback, rollup, row_count, rows, rows_affected, save, savepoint, schedule, schema, scroll, second, section, security, segment, select, sensitive, session, session_user, set, setuser, shadow, share, shared, short, show, singular, size, skip, smallint, snapshot, some, sort, space, sql, sqlcode, sqlerror, sqlstate, stability, start, starting, starts, statement, static, statistics, stop, strictfp, structural, sub_type, substring, subtrans, subtransaction, sum, super, suspend, switch, synchronize, synchronized, syntax_error, system, system_user, table, temp, temporary, text, then, this, throw, throws, ties, time, timestamp, timezone_hour, timezone_minute, tinyint, to, top, trailing, tran, transaction, transaction_id, transient, translate, translation, trigger, trim, true, truncate, try, tsequal, type, typeof, uid, undefined, union, unique, unknown, unsigned, update, updating, upper, usage, user, using, utils, uuid, validate, value, values, var, varbinary, varchar, varchar_ignorecase, variable, varying, version, view, void, volatile, wait, waitfor, weekday, when, whenever, where, while, with, with_lparen, work, write, writetext, year, yearday, zone

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