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Upgrading the Servoy Application Server to a new version can be done through the command line.

The Servoy Application Server needs to be connected to the internet for the upgrade to succeed.

Major upgrades

The command line upgrade process does not support upgrading to a new major version.

To upgrade a Servoy Application Server, shutdown the Application Server, open a command line/terminal window and browse to the directory and execute the following command:

java -jar servoy_updater.jar
Include beta versions
java -jar servoy_updater.jar -beta

The update process will update the Servoy Application Server installation. It does NOT update the Servoy Repository structure. When the Servoy Application Server is launched and it finds an incompatible version of the Servoy Repository, the launch will be aborted with the message that the Servoy Repository needs to be upgraded. See Servoy Repository Upgrade for more info.

Network issues

Some Java environments start with IPv6 Stack. When actually running on IPv4, this might cause issues in the download of the update. Add '' to the end of the update command.