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The Servoy Programming Guide describes the concepts of the Servoy platform and covers the the most important topics related to development of Solutions using the Servoy platform. Detailed documentation on each class and object can be found in the Reference Guide. For information on how to use the Servoy Developer IDE, see the Developer User Guide.

How To Use This Book

Who is it for:
This guide is for both new and experienced Servoy developers as well as developers who are considering Servoy, as this guide explains the design principles behind the Servoy platform, discussed the anatomy of a Servoy solution and introduces the key concepts that relate to development of solutions using Servoy.

Required knowledge:
While creating powerful applications using the Servoy platform is as straight forward as it can be, general experience in programming (in any language) will definitely help getting up to speed in Servoy. Specific area's of knowledge that can be handy within Servoy, but are by no means required in order to get started with the creation of applications in Servoy are:

  • Basic JavaScript knowledge
  • Knowledge of Object Oriented Programming
  • Basic knowledge of SQL

As said previously, knowledge and/or experience in the above mentioned area's will help with getting started in Servoy, but are not a requirement. This guide included introductory chapters on JavaScript and SQL and will explain the concepts of Object Oriented Programming where needed.

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