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See the Servoy 6.0 RC3 Release post on the Servoy Talk forum for a list of all bugfixes.

The following notable additions and changes were made in RC3:


  • Servoy Developer starts maximized on first launch after install
  • Undid initial Servoy Design perspective display modifications
  • Added support for modifying the BuildPath include/exclude settings on solutions (Solution Explorer > Solution's Context Menu > Properties > JavaScript > Build Path > Source): by default all .js files in the solution's directory are included, except .js files stored in the Media library. Modifying the excludes can be usefull when using the JSDoc plugin from Servoyforge, which creates a docs/ directory containing .js files as well. When not excluded from the Build Path, the builder process will include those .js files as well and validate them and generate builder markers (Error/Warning marker) for them.
  • Hidden the "Run As" and "Debug As" menu items from the context menu of the Script Editor
  • Added option to Create method dialog to create the new method as Protected
  • Improved "Link with Editor" support for the Form Editor & solution Explorer: clicking a named element in the Form Editor will now select the element in the Solution Explorer
  • Extra options in SuppressWarnings: hides & undeclared
  • Hidden the not useful Preferences for JavaScript > Console
  • Hidden the unused Script Debug Log view
  • Hidden the options "Go Home", "Go Back", "Go Into", "Refresh", "Expand" and "Collapse tree" from the Context menu in the Solution Explorer by default, can be turned on through the Solution Explorer options menu again

Solution Development

  • Deprecated JSWindow.close() in favor of JSWindow.hide()
  • Deprecated application.isFormInWindow(): instead use the more powerfull controller.getWindow()
  • Deprecated i18n.setDefaultTimezone() in favor of i18n.setTimezone()
  • Deprecated .getTitleText() on fields in favor of a titleText property that also allows setting the titleText at runtime
  • Deprecated plugins.Window.MenuBar.validate() and plugins.Window.Toolbar.validate() function: if the ToolBar of MenuBar is altered, it will automatically update
  • Deprecated plugins.window.setToolBarvisible() in favor of plugins.window.setToolbarAreaVisible(), to align the name with what the method actually does
  • Deprecated JSWindow.setResizable() in favor of a resizable property, allowing retrieving the current state as well
  • Deprecated plugins.file.getHomedirectory() in favor of plugins.file.getHomeFolder()
  • Added horizontal alignment support to labels/buttons with images in the Web Client 
  • Added mnemonic support in Web Client
  • Beans are now available as types as well within the Scripting Layer
  • Cleaned up the File upload dialog in the Web Client: removes useless border and label

All-in-One Installer 

  • Made the following items configurable in the Installer when installing the bundled PostgreSQL database engine:
    • Installation directory
    • Data directory
    • Server port
  • Changed Options panel to a Tree structure for better overview of dependencies
  • Made TerraCotta config installation optional when installing the Server, removed it from Developer install
  • Made the installation of the Service wrapper component work on all platforms (Windows, OSX, *nix)
  • Split the Application Server Service option into two parts: installing the Service component and actually installing the service 
  • When installing the Application Server, the option "servoy.application_server.startRepositoryAsTeamProvider" is set to false by default


  • Added option to set the min and max Java Version for Smart Clients on the Admin page: Setting the minimum Java version to Java 1.6 will force the Smart Client to only start when Java 6 is available on the Client machine.
    • servoy.smartclient.min_java_version
    • servoy.smartclient.max_java_version
  • Service Wrapper component:
    • Added install_service/uninstall_service.bat/.sh files to install and uninstall the service on all platforms (on Windows the existing (un)install_windows_service.bat files were removed)
    • Removed the WindowsNT Service config from wrapper.conf when not installed on Windows
    • On OSX/*nix set the domain for the plist to "com.servoy.server"
  • BugFix/BehaviorChange: pre-import hook now runs before updating the datamodel and importing sampledata
  • Relocated Smart Client related memory settings under the "Smart Client Settings", instead of the "Memory/Performance settings" 
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