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See the Servoy 6.0 RC5 Release post  on the Servoy Talk forum for a list of all bugfixes.

For a complete overview of everything new and improved in Servoy 6.0 see New in this release.

The following notable additions and changes were made in RC5:


  • Made Search for References on methods also find references in the deprecated bgrowColorCalc form property
  • Updated the Sample StyleSheet in the New StyleSheet wizard to provide a better styling and display the new odd/even/selected row styling options

Solution Development


  • Calling JSWindow.setLocation()/setSize() called before initially showing the window will now overwrite the stored bounds of the window from a previous session. This way developers have a way to overwrite the bounds of JSWindows programatically each session
  • When using non-editable HTMLArea's in the Web Client to include visual HTML, make sure to set the vertical alignment to top: the "Default" value results in vertically centered content, due to the added support for vertical alignment in the Web Client on labels & HTMLArea's
  • Aligned RuntimeXxxx type names with the designtime "dispayType" property values:
    • RuntimeCheckBox is now RuntimeCheck
    • RuntimeMediaField is now RuntimeImageMedia
      (warning)   The old names are not deprecated but really removed, so if they usage in existing code will need to be refactored. 


  • All-In-One installer changes:
    • Introduced port validator for the database port when installing the embedded PostgreSQL database
    • Expanded the Tree structure of the options panel by default
    • When installing the an Application Server, the Service component is selected by default
    • Updated package names and descriptions in the options panel
    • Removed absolute paths in the (un)install_service.bat files part of the Service component installation on Windows
    • Updated the text of the popup when downloading and installing the EnterpriseDB installer to result in a less wide popup dialog
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