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JavaScript keywords
abstract, boolean, break, byte, case, catch, char, class, const, continue, debugger, default, delete, do, double, else, enum, export, extends, final, finally, float, for, function, goto, if, implements, import, in, instanceof, int, interface, long, native, new, package, private, protected, public, return, short, static, super, switch, synchronized, this, throw, throws, transient, try, typeof, var, void, volatile, while, with

Servoy keywords
application databaseManager forms globals history jsunit Renderable Form security ServoyException solutionModel utils controller elements i18n plugins.XmlReader plugins.agent plugins.amortization plugins.dialogs plugins.excelxport plugins.file plugins.headlessclient plugins.http plugins.images plugins.mail plugins.maintenance plugins.openid plugins.pdf_output plugins.rawSQL plugins.scheduler plugins.serialize plugins.spellcheck plugins.textxport plugins.udp plugins.window Array Date Math Namespace Number Object QName RegExp String XML

database keywords
_super, abs, absolute, abstract, account, action, active, add, admin, after, alias, all, allmethods, allnames, allocate, allrelations, allvariables, alter, and, any, application, are, arguments, arith_overflow, array, artition, as, asc, ascending, assertion, at, authorization, auto, avg, backup, base_name, before, begin, between, bigint, binary, bit, bit_length, blob, boolean, both, bottom, break, browse, bulk, by, byte, cache, cached, call, capability, cascade, cascaded, case, cast, catalog, catch, char, char_convert, char_length, character, character_length, check, check_point_length, checkpoint, class, close, clustered, coalesce, cobol, collate, collation, column, comment, commit, compressed, compute, computed, conditional, confirm, connect, connection, connection_id, const, constant, constraint, constraints, containing, contains, continue, controller, controlrow, convert, corresponding, count, count_big, create, cross, cstring, cube, current, currentRecordIndex, current_connection, current_date, current_role, current_time, current_timestamp, current_transaction, current_user, currentcontroller, currentform, cursor, database, databaseManager, date, datetime, day, dbcc, dbspace, deallocate, debug, debugger, dec, decimal, declare, decrypt, default, deferrable, deferred, delete, deleting, desc, descending, describe, descriptor, determnistic, diagnostics, disconnect, disk, distinct, do, domain, domains, double, drop, dummy, dump, dynamic, elements, else, elseif, encrypt, encrypted, end, end-exec, endif, endtran, entry_point, enum, errlvl, errordata, errorexit, escape, except, exception, exclusive, exec, execute, exist, existing, exists, exit, exp_row_size, export, extends, external, externlogin, extract, false, fetch, file, fillfactor, filter, final, finally, first, float, for, foreign, form, forms, fortran, forward, found, foundset, free_it, from, full, function, gdscode, gen_id, generator, get, global, globals, go, goto, grant, group, group_commit_wait_time, having, history, holdlock, hour, identified, identity, identity_gap, identity_start, if, ignore, immediate, implements, import, in, inactive, index, indicator, initially, inner, inout, input, input_type, insensitive, insert, inserting, install, instanceof, instead, int, integer, integrated, interface, intersect, interval, into, iq, is, isolation, jar, join, jsunit, key, kill, language, last, leading, leave, left, length, level, like, limit, lineno, load, local, lock, log_buffer_size, logfile, login, long, longvarbinary, longvarchar, lower, manual, match, materialized, math, max, max_rows_per_page, maximum_segment, membership, merge, message, min, minute, mirror, mirrorexit, mode, model, modify, module, module_name, month, names, national, native, natural, nchar, new, next, no, noholdlock, non_sensitive, nonclustered, nonscrollable, not, notify, null, nullif, nulls, num_log_buffers, number, numeric, numeric_truncation, object, octet_length, of, off, offsets, on, once, online, only, open, option, options, or, order, other, others, out, outer, output, output_type, over, overflow, overlaps, package, pad, page, page_size, pages, parameter, partial, pascal, passthrough, password, percent, perm, permanent, pl1, plan, plugins, position, post_event, precision, prepare, preserve, primary, print, prior, private, privileges, proc, procedure, processexit, protected, proxy_table, public, publication, quiesce, raiserror, raw_partitions, rdb$db_key, read, readpast, readtext, real, reconfigure, recordIndex, record_version, recreate, reference, references, relative, release, remote, remove, rename, reorg, reorganize, replace, replication, reserv, reservepagegap, reserving, resource, restore, restrict, retain, return, returning_values, returns, revoke, right, role, rollback, rollup, row_count, rowcount, rows, rows_affected, rule, save, savepoint, schedule, schema, scroll, scrollable, second, section, security, segment, select, semi_sensitive, sensitive, session, session_user, set, setuser, shadow, share, shared, short, show, shutdown, singular, size, skip, smallint, snapshot, some, sort, space, sql, sqlcode, sqlerror, sqlstate, stability, start, starting, starts, statement, static, statistics, stop, strictfp, stringsize, stripe, structural, sub_type, substring, subtrans, subtransaction, sum, summary, super, suspend, switch, syb_identity, syb_restree, syb_terminate, synchronize, synchronized, syntax_error, system, system_user, table, temp, temporary, text, textsize, then, this, throw, throws, ties, time, timestamp, timezone_hour, timezone_minute, tinyint, title, to, top, tracefile, trailing, tran, transaction, transaction_id, transient, translate, translation, trigger, trim, true, truncate, try, tsequal, type, typeof, uid, undefined, union, unique, unknown, unpartition, unsigned, update, updating, upper, usage, use, user, user_option, using, utils, uuid, validate, value, values, var, varbinary, varchar, varchar_ignorecase, variable, varying, version, view, void, volatile, wait, waitfor, weekday, when, whenever, where, while, with, with_lparen, work, write, writetext, xmlextract, xmlparse, xmltest, xmlvalidate, year, yearday, zone

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