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Creating a new solution (or importing a solution) in Servoy creates a new Eclipse project, meaning that a new folder will be placed in the currently active workspace folder.  The new folder name will the same as the name of the solution.

Creating a New Solution

  1. Choose one of the following
    1. Select File > New > Servoy Solution from the menu in Servoy Developer.
    2. Select the New Button in the top toolbar. A window will appear; select the Servoy node and select Servoy Solution, click Next.
    3. Right click on the All Solutions node OR the active solution none. Select Create new solution from the menu. A window will appear.
  2. At this point, there should be a window with 'Create a New solution' at the top. Enter a name for the solution.
  3. Select solution type. Normal is sufficient for most cases. You can specify if it is a module if you know it will only be used as a module. Smart client only and web client only are also available.
  4. Select a resource project. The default is normally sufficient. You can create your own if you desire.  
  5. Click Finish. The new solution will become the active solution in Solution Explorer.


    Best practices: It is recommended to only have one resource project per workspace to reduce confusion.

Importing an Existing Solution

You may desire to use an existing solution from an export (.servoy) file.  If you performed a default installation, there are sample solutions available in the {servoyInstall}/application_server/solutions/examples folder that can be installed and used.

To import a solution in Servoy Developer:

  1.  Choose one of the following
    1. Select File > Import. A window will appear, select the Servoy > Import Solution and click Next.
    2. Right click on the All solutions node in Solution Explorer and select Import a solution.  A window will appear.
  2. You should have a window that has the text 'Import a solution' at the top.
  3. Select the .servoy file you want to import.
    (warning)  When running under Java 6 update 26, clicking the Browse button, no File Select dialog will appear. This is due to an issue in this update of Java, that will hopefully be fixed in the next update by Oracle. The available workarounds are:
    - Manually entering the file path in the field next to the button
    - Downgrading to a earlier update of Java
  4. Keep other options the same for example solutions.
  5. You may choose to use a different resources project (see the tip above). 
  6. Click Finish.
  7. There might be more dialogs popping up asking about importing sample data, importing styles, etc. For the sample solutions, just click Yes when asked. (If styles exist, you can either skip or overwrite.)
  8. Click OK on the results window. The newly imported solution will become the active solution in Solution Explorer.
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