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The Memory and Performance Settings provides options to specify memory settings for Servoy Clients.


The initial memory allocated by the rich client in megabytes


The maximum allowed memory usage by the rich client in megabytes
(only to be changed if you notice in about dialog in the client that the memory is running low)


The JVM arguments used by a client at startup


Sets loading of beans and plugins to lazy (loaded when needed), or eager (always directly loaded).
Note: Once a plugin or bean is loaded, it is not loaded again until it has changed on the server.
Lazy loading can not be used when there is a bean jar depending on another jar!


Enables fast client startup (this can cause an error after a Servoy server code update, which is resolved by restarting the client a second time).


Greater than 0 will enable object pooling on server for non-mutable objects, can result in less network traffic for Smart Client, and less memory usage for the Web Clients


Disables all client data notifications (inserts, updates, deletes). Should be used for performance testing only!


Disables the super packing (zipping) of jars on the server; disable this if you have signing problems.


Sets the maximum records for an IN statement after witch a temporary table will be used to perform the select. Default value is 200.

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