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Mobile Client

Data synchronization

  • SVY-4682 Column level synchronization
  • SVY-4401SVY-4681 Batch update to server in sync
  • SVY-4683 Added solutionType "Mobile Shared Module" for inclusion in both the Mobile solution and it's Service solution. Service Solution will automatically use the relations in the "Mobile Shared Module" solution to retrieve all relations to sync when calling plugins.mobileservice.addFoundSet(fs)
  • SVY-4243 Added success/error callbacks on
  • SVY-4439 Ability to clear all local data

Behavior Change

Due to the implementation of SVY-4682 the Service solution does NOT get the complete records for incomming updates on existing records from the Mobile Client, but a record object that only contains the actually changed dataproviders

User Interface

Device Integration

  • SVY-4541 Enabled the use of PhoneGap API
  • Enabled the inclusion of a config.xml when exporting to PhoneGap Build, in order to control more aspects of the Mobile app like icons, Spash screens, permissions, plugin usage etc.


  • SVY-4373 Upgraded to JQuery Mobile 1.3.1/JQuery 1.9.1
  • SVY-4241 Added foundset.loadAllRecords()
  • SVY-3914 Added foundset.deleteAllRecords()
  • SVY-4156 Added find/search support on Foundsets
  • SVY-4155 Moved all SolutionModel helper functionality to main SolutionModel node
  • SVY-3981 Made built-in messages i18n-able
  • SVY-3815 Added Launch options to Developer to directly launch a Mobile Solution either as a WAR deployment or as a Debug Web Client
  • Added UnitTest support for the Mobile Client: watch SVY-4967 for the availability of the related documentation

Application Development

Behavior Changes

  • SVY-4288 Column converters are now also called when using the FoundsetUpdater

New Features

  • SVY-4699 Ability to use foundset.sort(function) while having edited records
  • SVY-4355 Added JavaFX integration in the Smart Client (requires Java 7 update 6 or higher)
  • SVY-3932 Added NTLM authentication support to the HTTP plugin
  • SVY-3728 Added 'select_wrapper' class to select nodes in the Web Client HTML markup for targeting with custom CSS

Servoy Developer

  • SVY-3121 Added warnings for elements with names that start with 'sv'
  • SVY-4432 Enabled auto-update checker
  • SVY-4279 Added support for high resolution displays (for example Retina displays)


  • Several memory footprint improvements for Web Clients
  • Several Web Client TableView performance improvements
  • SVY-4749 Workaround for issues in Java Webstart 1.7 update 25
  • SVY-4493 Upgraded to the latest version of Tomcat 6 (version 6.0.37)
  • SVY-19 Improved error message when attempting to use a relation in findMode that doesn't support findMode
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