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In order to install Servoy, the following is required:

  • Hardware capable of running the Servoy Application Server (see System Requirements)
  • Java Standard Edition Runtime environment (JRE) 5.0 or higher (Java 6 preferred)

    Taking advantage of 64bit capabilities

    If the machine on which the Servoy Application Server gets installed is 64 bit, make sure to install a 64bit version of the JRE. For more information see Java Runtime

    Running on 32bit Windows environments

    On Windows 32 bit environments, Java Development Kit (JDK) is required to take advantage of Java SE Server mode (see Tuning the Server)

  • Servoy All-In-One installer

Servoy comes bundled with PostgreSQL, which can be installed through the All-In-One installer.

The Servoy Application Server requires at least one database for the Servoy Repository. When using an existing database for the Servoy Repository, please refer to Installing on Existing Databases for more information.

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