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  • Uninstalling Servoy
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A Servoy Application Server can be installed using the uninstaller.

The uninstaller is located in <servoy>/Uninstaller directory.

To run the uninstaller, double click the uninstaller.jar in the <servoy>/Uninstaller directory, or open a command line or terminal window in the <servoy>/Uninstaller directory and execute the following command:

java -jar uninstaller.jar

On the Windows platform, the Uninstall option might also be available through the Start menu, depending on if the "create shortcuts in the Start menu" option was checked during installation of the Servoy Application Server.

The uninstaller has an option to force the deletion of the <servoy> installation directory.

The uninstaller will delete all files that were created by the Servoy All-In-One installer. This includes all stored settings in the <servoy>/application_server/ file, as well as the sample databases (if installed).

To run the uninstaller unattended, the following options are available:

Console mode
java -jar uninstaller.jar -c
Console mode, force directory deletion
java -jar uninstaller.jar -c -f