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  1. Network Related Settings

    :   Direct Connection Two-Way Socket HTTP Tunnel Socket Tunnel Client machines require direct access to the Application Server's HTTP port … , the Smart Client will fall back to Direct Connection mode. See 'Two-Way socket mode' under below for more details. Connection Modes The Servoy Application
  2. Troubleshooting

    through the (advanced) network settings of a browser. The solution is to either configure Java WebStart to use Direct connection (Not to be confused with Servoy's Direct Connection mode) or to uncheck all options in the LAN Settings of Windows. As both options are system-wide settings they can influence other
  3. Tuning the Server

    , the connection between them should be as fast as possible, preferably a direct 1Gb cable connection between the two machines. Database Tuning When … of server mode optimizations on 32 bit Windows systems, it is required to install Java Development Kit (JDK) Memory See Memory Management Database Connection
  4. 8.3.1 RC SQLServer default connection url should use selectMethod direct Developer
  5. Database Connections

    connections, the size of which is configurable, to minimize to overhead of connection creation. High Level Overview The Servoy Application Server connects … directory, after which a restart of the Application Server is required. Connections to databases can be configured through the Servoy Admin page and all settings
  6. Managing Database Connections

    From within Servoy Develop connections to existing databases can also be setup: Determine the JDBC driver required for making connections to the database … . Restart Servoy Developer. Create a new Database Server connection by right clicking on Database Servers node (under Resources) and selecting New Server
  7. Load Balancing Servers

    directed by the HTTP Server. Servoy Web Clients connections to run through the HTTP Server to the Servoy Application Server instance that services the client.
  8. Intro to Servoy Concepts

    provides a powerful Application Server which brokers connections between clients and back-end resources. This architecture is far more favorable to the 2-tier … java runtime edition and uses an RMI connection -Servoy mobile, which runs in a browser or embed in phonagap/Cordova, and works with local offline data
  9. Servoy's Database Connectivity

    , the Servoy platform is open and allows developers with the knowledge and preference for writing SQL to do so as well. Named Connections Developers will specify a Server Name, which maps to a specific database connection configuration (i.e. user, password, URL, etc). At run time, Servoy will automatically create
  10. 8.4 RC1 SVY-12714 Context menu on tables of a DB connection … SVY-12647 FHV refocuses on the saved form in an editor + it's direct parent hierarchy on save