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Less support greatly enhancedAenhanced

  • Import statements are supported
  • Servoy theme works now through the use of import statements
  • Servoy themes properties editor is default empty and supports 2 and 3 way compare 
     (what is changed related to the version you point to and compared to the previous versions default if you upgrade to a later version)
  • Support for compiling less files at runtime when deployed as War.
     (War exporter will still pre compile solution less media up front, but runtime changed less files will be runtime compiled)
  • None Active solutions export that also have less files are now using the runtime support for compiling their less files.
  • Fixed media relative urls in pre compiled less files (now it will pick up the media just besides the less file)
  • Servoy theme is upgraded to the latest version of the theme roller (and we have version support now in the editor)
  • Greatly improved the speed of compiling by using a Java based implementation of a Less compiler.
      You can switch between the javascript based less compiler version 3.9 by setting this property: 'servoy.less.compiler' to 'lessjs'