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Servoy Cluster allows multiple Servoy Application Servers instances to be clustered together and act as 1 virtual Servoy Application Server.

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nameServoy Clustering

Clustered Servoy Application Servers share the same Servoy Repository. This means that all Servoy Application Servers in the cluster share the same version of the solutions available. Servoy Cluster makes all Servoy Application Servers in the cluster remain in sync when importing (a new version of) a solution. Servoy's Databroadcasting mechanism also operates throughout the entire cluster.


This chapter describes the set up of a cluster in Cluster installationInstallation..

A Servoy Cluster is best set up in combination with a Load Balancer. Adding a Load Balancer and a HTTP Server in front of the Servoy Cluster will provide the following benefits:


For a step by step guide on setting up Apache HTTP Server as single point of entry and Load Balancer, see Load Balancing serversServers.