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There are several design-time settings available for every value list

Fallback Value List

This property specifies another value list which may be used in the event that a record's value does not fall within the set of values provided by the value list.


Fallback value lists are useful in find mode.

Example Using the above example for the project_people value list, which shows a list of people related to a project; Imagine that a person was removed from a project, however, the value stored in a related records may still point to that person. In this case, the value would no longer show up in a bound component (i.e. combo box, radio buttons, etc.) as the person is no longer a valid selection. Nevertheless, the person is still referenced by the record. Therefore it may be advantageous to use a fallback value list, say one that displays all people in the people table, to ensure that the person is displayed. However, when the record is edited, only the values in the project_people value list will be displayed.