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  • Toolbars
  • Palette
  • Editor Area


The toolbar area, by default, includes the following toolbars from left to right, separated by vertical lines in the screenshot below: 


Each of these toolbars can be shown or hidden via the toolbar's contextual menu (right-click).


The Palette gives easy access to items that can be incorporated into forms, organized into five drawers:


Each of these drawers are discussed in the remaining sections of this chapter.



a Palette Layout View

Several palette layout view options are available. The default layout is List, in which all available items are listed in a scrollable list with an icon and full name for each. The other layout options include a column arrangement, icons only, and icon with full name and a brief description.

Other Palette Customization Options

You can also use the palette context menu to:


Lastly, you can click on Settings in the contextual menu to set general Palette settings. A full list of the palette customization options can be found in the Developer Reference section.

Editor Area

The Editor Area facilitates the graphical design of forms. By default, vertical and horizontal rulers are shown with pixel units. Alignment guides can be created by clicking anywhere on the ruler.