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  • Upgrading to Servoy 8.x.x

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  • As of Servoy 8 databaseManager.getDataSetByQuery(QBSelect query, int max_returned_rows) will take existing table filters into account.
    A new call databaseManager.getDataSetByQuery(QBSelect query, boolean useTableFilters (default true), int max_returned_rows) has been added that can be used to ignore table filter in the query call.
    Note that databaseManager.getDataSetByQuery(String server_name, String sql_query, Object[] arguments, int max_returned_rows) that uses the query as a string will not use table filters.


Unsupported features and workarounds


Bean components are not supported in the new NG webclient.
In order to ease the porting of existing applications to the new NG client, Servoy 8 does include
a DBTreeView web component that tries to replicate the behavior of the old bean. In order to use that,
you should replace the old bean from you forms with this new web component. The main difference
between them, from a developer point-of-view is the missing of Binding scriptable. In the new bean,
the binding is set directly on the web component. Here is an example :

In Servoy 7:

var binding = elements.myDBTreeView.createBinding(dataSource);

In Servoy 8:

elements.setTextDataprovider(dataSource, myTextDataprovider);


Here is a list of other changes :

  • "setRowHeight" is no more available in Servoy 8, you should instead
    set the row height using CSS in the solution style sheet, like this:

    [name='bean_name'] .dbtreeview span.fancytree-node {
    min-height: 40px;


NOTE: Not all the api functions of the old DBTreeView are implemented in the new we component, yet.