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Logging Client statistics

The (de) registering and deregistering of clients will be logged in a table called client_stats in the log server (if the table exists).This table can be created using the "Create Client Statistics Table" button in the server editor for the log server.
By default this table uses servoy-sequence for its primary key generation. This can be modified to other generators (like UUID or database-sequence). Currently, database-identity is not supported.

You can stop the logging in the client statistics table from admin page settings, under Admin Settings category. Logging client statistics is enabled by default. Below are the descriptions of every column in client_stats table

  • pk_id - an integer primary key
  • server_ip - IP of ther Application Server
  • server_name - server host name
  • total_clients_running - total number of connected clients at the moment of the logging
  • client_id - client id
  • start_time - connection time, if is a client connect event
  • stop_time - disconnect time, if is client disconnect event
  • extra_info - security column that can be used to check if information was altered
  • user_uid - uuid of user that is logged in the client