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About This Guide

The Servoy Mobile offering consists of developer support for:

  1. Building mobile device optimized layouts
  2. Exporting a Servoy solution as a HTML5 mobile app
  3. Wrapping the HTML5 based app as native device app for iOS and Android (amongst others)
  4. Building the REST service solution used by the Mobile app to retrieving and update data, utilizing JSON

If you haven't done so start with the Servoy Mobile introduction video on youtube:

We suggest to start by checking out and running of the provided sample solution, before starting development of your own Mobile solution

Current limitations compared with existing servoy client technology:

  1. limited script api, can be seen in the solution explorer view in servoy developer
  2. form inheritance is not yet present
  3. no calculation support yet
  4. no binary media (field) support yet
  5. Only iOS and Andriod devices are supported currently
  6. foundset find/search limitations: find mode doesn't work from ui - just from javascript; like condition is limited to startsWith,endsWith,contains; related record conditions are not supported (so all conditions should be on foundset that is in find mode)
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Programming Guide describes the concepts of the Servoy Mobile and covers the the most important topics related to development of mobile solutions using Servoy Mobile.

For detailed documentation on each class and object, see the Reference Guide.

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