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Comment: Update description of offline data construction to provide clearer understanding of how it interacts with the Mobile Shared Module


The ws_read(version,name) on the offline_data form has to return an OfflineDataDescription (=JSON) object filled with foundset data the developer wants the mobile client to retrieve. 
An OfflineDataDescription instance is created with:


Note: the argument is optional and is used to call rest endpoints for row data at forms starting with this prefixThen we need to


The next step is determining what related data should be traversed and sent to the client. By default (since Servoy 7.2) any relations that exist in a "Mobile Shared Module" attached to the "Mobile Service Solution" will be included in the traversal.

Alternatively, if you provide a list of relation names which should be used in traversal to find all data, like:to include, this will override the inclusion of the relations contained in the "Mobile Shared Module", and only include those relations that you specify.

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var traverse = new Array();