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What's new 8.2


Web Package Manager now supports Servoy Modules installation (Like svyUtils)


Place field wizard enhancements, now you can place directly specific components or templates and define how they are placed together (label on top, spacing between label and fields and between fields)

Form Hiearchy Hierarchy viewer, so you can see the full super/sub structure of a form and where is what implemented and defined.


Logical Forms (forms with no ui) can be extended now to become a absolute or a responsive form, so now you can have shared code between an absolute or responsive form.



In Memory datasources have an onload event (in the table events tab) where you can attach a method (entity or global) that is called when the in mem is touched so that you can fill the datasource
so it is now more a pull stuff then a push that you needed to do at some point (like on solution load)

Named Foundset support, In the designer you can give a datasource of a form a name (besides 'separate'). This creates at runtime a foundset with that name that forms with the same name wil will reuse
also datasources.db.table.getFoundset("name") will return that specific instance. You can see this as a named (shared) seperateseparate

Client Manager plugin: A user plugin, has methods that the the maintenance plugin has but now usable in a normal solution.
Also has broadcaster functionality so clients can chat/talk to each other


The "this" object inside a caclulation calculation now points to the record.



The server does have a REST api for uploading solutions: and


You can now download the performance data from the admin page to a CSV file

Servoy Properties:
1> enhanced support for environment variables, so you can substituate substitute system properties/environment variables by using tags in the file that are then replaced.
2> War export has 2 extra options where you can say how an existing file at the tomcat server should be used: Use the server one (default), override the database properties, overwrite completely.
3> Added a servoy.user.home dir property when creating the WAR, so you can define where it can store and get the file of the server itself.
4> For the developer you can now link a file to a workspace, Preferences -> Servoy - >Startup.