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      • Switch to the Java Perspective: Window > Open Perspective > Java
      • Expand the 'launch_targets' project in the Package Explorer
      • Open (double-click) the '' file
      • iI you see some errors in the target editor for some target locations you might need to select those and click on the 'Update' button ('Reload' could help as well) - to make it see them correctly

      • Click the 'Set as Target Platform'. This will setup the Target Platform correctly, after which projects will be build and should compile without error; you will still have some compile errors probably due to sablo project's maven dependencies (handled below).
      • you might need to save the editor if it's marked as dirty.

Get sablo project's maven dependencies

    • run 'mvn clean install' in 'sablo' project of 'sablo' repository from command line (or if you want to do it from eclipse, right click the pom.xml file from sablo project and run the same maven goals). Although eclipse does have maven integration that would handle all of that if sablo had the maven project nature, there are some problems with that because sablo is also an eclipse plugin - and if we set the maven nature as well some other things go wrong with the build structure. That is why this manual step is need.

NOTE: if an error message related to API baseline is displayed