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      • Install latest minor version of Java 8.
      • Install Servoy Developer
      • Install an Eclipse distribution that contains the plugin development support
      • Setup a String Substitution variable named 'servoy_install' which points to the installation directory of the previously installed Servoy Developer
      • Create a ClassPath variable named 'WEBSTART' that points to javaws.jar of the used JVM

      • Checkout (using either eGit eclipse plugin, git command line or your preferred git client) and import into your eclipse workspace the open source Servoy projects (master branch) from the following repositories at
      • Download the Servoy Server libraries from and place them in the 'libs_extra' directory of the ' launch_targets' project. Download only the files who's name postfix matches the value of the release number from the ClientVersion class (checked-out as source code above).
      • Setup a Target Platform:
        • open the '' file, located in the 'launch_targets' project;
        • if you see some errors in the target editor for some target locations you might need to select those and click on the 'Update' button ('Reload' could help as well) - to make it see them correctly;
        • click the link 'Set as Target Platform' of the Target editor;
        • you might need to save the editor if it's marked as dirty.
      • Make sources compile: get sablo mvn dependencies, ignore API baseline, run typescript compile.
      • In order to add the documentation files, download the from, unzip it and also unzip the 'com.servoy.eclipse.core' plugin jar. Copy the xml files from the 'com/servoy/eclipse/core/doc' folder to the same location of the 'com.servoy.eclipse.core' project.
      • Create a Launch Configuration (and directly start a debug session) by right-clicking the 'Servoy Launch.launch' (or 'Servoy Launch_mac.launch' when on OSX) file in the 'launch_files' directory of the 'com.servoy.eclipse.core' project and selecting Debug as > Servoy Launch (or Servoy Launch_mac when on OSX).