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Most of the settings of the Servoy Application Server can be managed through the Servoy Admin pagePage, some require the editing of configuration files.

The Servoy Admin pagePage can be accessed using a browser at the following url: <serverUrl>{serverURL}/servoy-admin. The first page shows the Servoy Application Server status and Servoy settingsSettings.

All the settings done through the Servoy Admin pagePage are stored in the file, located in <servoy>{servoyInstall}/application_server.

titleManual editing of the file

It is possible to edit the file by hand, using a text editor. Do make sure to shut down the Servoy Application Server prior to editing. Otherwise, the changes will be overwritten when shutting down or restarting the Servoy Application Server.


The file also support property value substitution, so a property of servoy:


can also be set like:${value}


that value can be then another property value but also a or an environment property.

This way you can provision the properties from the outside (like a docker image)