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So this: code: if (comp instanceof RuntimeComponent) will be false for WebComponents..

You will get warnings now when using a customer query in a filter with just the "IN" or 'in" operator: "Filter is created using a custom query without using the sql-modifier, this will be removed in a future version of servoy, please use operator 'sql:in'". This is a security enhancement so you are sure the custom query is a valid and fully controlled query that you send to the server. So you as a developer needs to tell the system that this IN can contain custom sql.

New Features

  • Support for changing style classes on containers in responsive forms.  There is now api under forms.[responsiveform].containers.[containername] like add and remove styleclasses (SVY-14219)
  • utils.parseDate() has now a 3  argument method so you can use this for working better with dates in servoy for the current users timezone.  See for more info: Working with dates (SVY-14426)
  • NGDesktop export has more support for branding stuff by using an actual cloud building service, currently only working for Windows, OSX and Linux use still the pre build files so don't have all the options
  • NGDesktop support for selecting a directory, watching a whole folder and setting default size/location and remembering the user values for restart, set/get clipboard
  • OAuth plugin many improvements and nicer api for using it.
  • ProfilerView, support for filtering and better reporting of sql timings so you can more quickly see the sql times for certain method calls.
  • Better code completion and support for a common RuntimeComponent that handles both legacy and web components (SVY-14210)
  • NGClientUtils extension has now support for catching the back button  and getting the current hash of the state you go back to (SVY-14176) and directly print a pdf (SVY-13926).