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// Filter products within an array of product codes
var success = databaseManager.addTableFilterParam('crm', 'products', 'productcode', 'in', [120, 144, 200]);

// Filter orders using a subselect
var success = databaseManager.addTableFilterParam('crm', 'orders', 'countrycode', 'sql:in', 'select country code from countries where region = "Europe"')


In Servoy 2020.03 we added support for sql-modifier . When value of the filter is a custom query, the operator used should be prefixed with "sql:" (like sql:in , sql:=, ...). This is a security feature, so a developer should explicitly mark a value as a select query. Currently, the operator works without the sql-modifier (the old way), but it will generate a warning in the log: "Filter is created using a custom query without using the sql-modifier, this will be removed in a future version of servoy, please use operator 'sql:in'". See issue 

 as we plan to enforce the modifier in future releases.

Example This example shows filters on null values