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If you implement your own (custom) components and you want to support such directive like keylistener you have to use the svy-attributes directive on components html: SvyAttributes directive

> By default Servoy will not query anymore for related data if the relation is a pk→fk relation and the parent record is not yet stored in the database. This can be controlled by a property see: Tuning the Server#Foundsetloadingandsavingtuning

know issue

>  f you use a repository_server thats not done in an inmemory table and you created that repository_server with a 2020.09 release then it could be that when upgrading to 2020.12 you will get a "upgrade repository" button on the admin page.
But that then bombs out with a primary key violation if that is the case you can fix that by running this statement on your database "repository_server" first: