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We added in the console view a console page: NG2 Build console, where you can see the progress of the build that needs to be done before an NG2 Client can be started. Also here you can see if there are problems creating the build, if that is the case you can always try once "Copy the NGClient2 sources" context menu of the SolutionExplorer tree and say yes once to the question to do a clean npm install.

It can be if you have components installed of packages that are not ported yet, the NG2 code will not build so the NG2Client can't be run.

Because the packages that you install now contributes a angular library now to the code of NG2, we really need to do really build it, in the previous version (2021.03) we shipped all ported components in 1 big package, but this is not the case anymore.