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  • Managing Security Settings

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Servoy allows users to quickly set up user groups and enable multilevel security access to solutions. This chapter describes how to assign security settings at the solution, form, and table level.




Note: For information on creating user groups, visit the chapter on Defining User and Group Security. Servoy also supports database security (enforced by the database) via the Servoy database server connection. For details, consult the documentation on your database server.


Security settings can be specified at the group level for an entire form or for selected form elements via the Form Editor Security subtab (see image below).

  • The left column lists available user groups, and the right table lists the form itself as the first item, followed by the form elements.


    Note: Elements must be named (i.e., the "name" property must be specified) for them to be included in the table.

  • To enable access to the entire form, select the user group and then click on the checkboxes to set the desired access level on the form.
  • Form element access can be similarly set for each user group.