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A datetime entered will be presented exactly the same in each client, regardless of the timezone of the clientclient 

Example: Any client, regardless of which timezone they are in, sees a datetime entered as 8pm as 8pm. Servoy makes corrections under the hood to achieve this.  (like birthday)

Property set to false:

Servoy performs no calculation and the dates are automatically converted by Java to match the user's timezone. 

Example: A client in UTC + 5 enters 10pm. The server runs in UTC, so stores 5pm. And a client in UTC - 2 sees 3pm. Since databases do not store a timezone with a date, everything will be mixed up when the database is started in another timezone.

The first scenario (having client timezone property set to true) is the preferred way of operating, because this gives the most consistent outcome. (like calendar item)


So For NGClient checking the "Use as LocalDateTime" property has the same affect as the property set to true above but just for that dataprovider