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Stylesheets are stored in the solution's Resources project. This chapter describes how to create a new style sheet, manage your stylesheets, and use some of the features of the Script Editor.



a New Stylesheet

To create a new stylesheet:

  1. In Solution Explorer under the Resources node, right-click on Styles and select Create new style from the context menu. (Alternatively, click on the Styles button on the mini-toolbar of the contextual list.)
  2. Enter a name for the new stylesheet.
  3. Click Next to select the option to fill the new style with sample content, if desired.
  4. Click Finish
    • The Style Editor window will open, allowing you to edit the stylesheet. 
    • The new stylesheet will also appear on the Solution Explorer contextual list along with the other stylesheets.

Managing Your Stylesheets

The Solution Explorer allows you to view, open, and delete your style sheets. 


  1. Expand the Resources node, if it is currently collapsed.
  2. Click on Styles. A list of stylesheets will appear at the bottom part of the Solution Explorer.
  3. Select the stylesheet to be deleted. 
  4. Delete the stylesheet using one of two options:
    • Right-click on the selected stylesheet and select Delete Style.
    • Use the Delete button on the mini-toolbar.
  5. Click OK to confirm delete in the confirmation window that appears.

Style Editor Features

The Style Editor contains the following special features: