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Embedded PostgreSQL upgraded for windows and mac to 14.1
Created a MacOSX/Aarch64 native build.
AngularJS is upgraded to the XLTS release: 1.8.7 and JQuery to 3.6.0
Log4J libraries upgraded to 2.17.1
Eclipse upgraded to 4.21 (Eclipse 2021.06)
Hibernate upgraded to 5.6.1 (and some support libs that hibernate uses)
Added support for a system or environment property for servoy.nodePath and servoy.npmPath (if you want or need to override the build in nodejs/npm)
Developer ships with Java 17.0.1 (LTS) and NodeJS 16.13.0 (LTS)
Updated the OAuth plugin libs (scribejava)
Improvements and fixes for InMem databsae (HSQLDB) implementation, (Connections could hang causing clients to not be killed)