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For this to work, the mobile client needs to be exported in debug mode, this must be done by using the mobile export (Export Soluton > Mobile Export) and then enable the 'Export in debug mode' checkbox.

When the mobile solution is executed on a mobile or in the desktop browser, it will talk back to the Servoy Developer. This communication is enabled if you have the active solution is a mobile solution as active solution in the Servoy developer, ; in the background a special service is run as: localhost:8889


If the mobile solution is running, open in the chrome Chrome browser to: localhost:8889. This will show a page to choose the a client to debug (in case you have there are multiple clients running) or connect directly if only one present.

While in the debugger of chrome you have a few Chrome, there are two tabs where you can inspect stuff, like:

  • the console tab where you can see - displays the console output the client generates or 
  • the sources tab - where you can start debugging your debugging is started for the actual code that is running in the mobile client
    • The navigator (the arrow button on the left) gives you access to all the sources.
    • Under localhost:8080 section you will find there are the same scripts you also have as in the developerDeveloper. You One can open them to set breakpoints, these will now be hit when you hit that code in the mobile client is hit.

Hot Code Replace

You Changes can also push changes be pushed right to the running client by making changes directly in the chrome Chrome browser and save those changes. This will push the changes to the mobile client and that code will be executed in the next run. If you reload the client is reloaded or start the phonegap PhoneGap application is started again then , these changes will be lost. But these changes are pushed and reflected in the workspace of the Servoy developer Developer to be used in next run!