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  • Managing Database Connections

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  1. Open the table editor by selecting the database server in the Solution Explorer and doing one of the following in the list view:
    1. Double clicking on the table name.
    2. Right clicking on the table name and selecting Edit table/view.
    3. Select the table and click on the edit table button in the list view toolbar.
  2. The table editor will appear allowing editing of the columns for the table.
  3. To add a column, click on the Add button. Change the name from 'type here' to the desired name, the column type, and size (if applicable). Be sure to save when finished.
  4. To remove a column, click on the Remove button.


Servoy periodically produces Technical Webinars targeted to developers covering a broad range of topics, from new features to new capabilities to best practices.

The following webinar is focused on how Servoy manages some advanced DB functionality like handling failed saves, transactions, record locking and batch updates

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The following webinar is focused on the Servoy Query Builder Tool that makes easier to query databases without writing SQL and makes queries database independent

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