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Creating a new solution (or importing a solution) in Servoy creates a new Eclipse project. 

Creating a New Solution

  1. Choose one of the following
    1. Select File > New > Servoy Solution from the menu in Servoy Developer.
    2. Right click on the All Solutions node OR the active solution none. Select Create new solution from the menu. A window will appear.
  2. Enter a name for the solution.
  3. Enhance your solution with auto-installed modules for:
    1. security - to support login/authentication (see related webinar below)
    2. search - which provides search API for text-based, user-interactive searching
    3. utils - which is a wide range of low-level utility methods and application concepts for Servoy solutions
    4. navigation - which provides ready to use single page navigation templates that are also extensible to allow for custom UI and even other UX patterns. (see related webinar below)
  4. Click Finish. The new solution will become the active solution in Solution Explorer.

    titleBest practices

    Choose a name for your solution that makes sense. This name will also become part of the URL when accessing it from the browser.

    It is recommended to only have one resource project per workspace to reduce confusion.