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Download and install Servoy Developer. It's best to use a clean installation (no extra eclipse plugins) to avoid potential problems generated by other eclipse plugins (for example installing Subclipse in this developer can cause a hang as that plugin is trying to access the UI while blocking a resource - in the headless solution export environment).

In case of Servoy 7.x: if for some reason you intend to custom-sign any jars in that Servoy installation you must sign all the jars from both application server (relevant here is application_server/lib/j2db.jar) and developer, as well as jars contained in developer/plugins/com.servoy.eclipse.jsunit_*.jar (relevant here is j2db_test.jar). If these jars are not identically signed then you will get an IllegalStateException when trying to start the (smart) unit test client. But normally you would use just a clean install without custom-signing any jars.

Step 3 -- Configure Smart Client Jenkins Job