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Starting Headless Clients from Debug Clients in Servoy Developer

When starting a Headless Client from a Debug Client in Servoy Developer, there are restrictions to which solution can be started in the Headless Client.

  • Prior to Servoy 6.1.1, the Headless Client would always start with the Active Solution, regardless of which solution would be specified

  • As of Servoy 6.1.1 the specified solution will be honored, as long as the specified solution is the Active Solution or a solution/module included in the Active Solution

By default the Headless Client which is started will be a debug-able Headless Client. As there can be only one debug-able Client of a specific type at the same time (so one debug-able Web Client, one debug-able Smart Client and one debug-able Headless Client), starting a new debug-able Headless Client will close an existent debug-able Headless Client.

It's possible to start non-debug-able Headless Clients using the Headless Client plugin while in Servoy Developer by sending in the value "'nodebug" ' as the last value in the "solutionOpenMethodArgs" array parameter. In this case it is also possible to start the Headless Client with a solution/module that isn't the Active Solution or one of it's modules, as long as the specified solution is available in the workspace and uses the same Resources project as the Active Solution.

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